A2LA Accredited Environmental Test Laboratories

By providing environmental testing services, our A2LA accredited laboratories work directly with our customers to provide testing solutions that help ensure product quality and reliability.

We take great pride in our relationships with our customers and are dedicated to providing reliable, accurate, and responsive environmental testing. We support this effort by providing two A2LA accredited labs; one located in Cincinnati, OH and the other in Sterling Heights, MI.

Our environmental testing labs offer a wide range of services including, temperature, humidity, altitude, vibration, HALT & HASS, drop impact, thermal shock, salt spray corrosion,  and more. We excel at finding unique testing solutions to meet custom or specialized requirements. View our environmental simulation services.

More importantly, we understand that your customers need to count on your products to be safe and reliable. Whether you need long-term contract testing or just a one-time service, our goals are the same; to assist you in providing piece-of-mind and the increased product quality your customers deserve.


Our test laboratories offer extensive knowledge in vibration testing for automotive, defense, aerospace, electronic components and devices, packages, and more.


We offer temperature and humidity capabilities to suit your testing needs. Temperature ranges are available from -73°C to 190°C and humidity capabilities from 10% to 95% RH.


Thermal shock testing services thermally shock a variety of products with rapid temperature changes from extreme cold to hot environments to quickly detect flaws.


HALT/HASS testing helps to quickly discover product weaknesses by providing extreme temperature transitions and vibration making products more robust and reliable.


Drop testing is used to simulate conditions which may occur to packages and products during handling or during the transportation and shipping.


Altitude testing services test products under altitude conditions from -5,000 to +100,000 ft and may be combined with temperature and/or humidity.


Accelerated Aging, shelf life testing and more. Our chambers can meet a variety of specifications including ASTM, ISTA, ICH Q1A and others.



Corrosion and salt spray testing simulate the effects that sea mist has on your products. Our chambers meet a variety of specifications including ASTM, automotive and more.


We offer mechanical shock testing services utilizing a single degree of freedom and programmable impact forces.

Why Choose Us?

1We have over 27 years of experience in providing first rate testing services.

2We are committed to delivering high quality testing services.

3We work to keep up with the latest technology in environmental testing.