Case Studies


Fatigue Testing of Military Hardware

Robotics Testing Case StudyCustomized Test Helps Supplier Validate Military Hardware
Cable carriers guide and protect moving cables and hoses on automated machinery as the equipment cycles through repetitive linear or rotary motions. Due to the harsh conditions these cable carriers are exposed to, durability and environmental testing must be provided to verify reliability. We provided a unique customized testing solution utilizing repetitive movement in hot & cold conditions with robotics and an environmental test chamber.
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Military-Grade Vibration Testing

Vibration Testing Case StudyReliable, highly actionable vibration testing is built on a combination of top-of-the-line equipment with advanced fixturing abilities, detailed data input and analysis and both experienced and superior reporting. Vibration sweep testing, which exposes a product to frequency spectra at a specified rate in order to identify resonant frequencies, necessitates particularly clear and certified expertise... (more...)


Environmental Testing of Automotive Components

Automotive Testing Case StudyToday's automotive industry is entering a new demanding era. Still facing tighter-than-ever competitive pressures, automobile manufacturers are challenged with a fresh set of vehicle efficiency mandates: delivering more capable, cost-effective, and larger volumes of alternative and flexible fuel vehicles... (more...)


Thermal Testing of Circuit Boards

Thermal Testing of Circuit Boards Case StudyA vast majority of products on the market today are enabled with electronic functionality. Many of the most vital, often life-changing products in commercial and healthcare applications depend on the functionality and reliability of these electronics; sometimes it's a life-saving feature... (more...)