Test Chamber Capabilities

Our laboratories are A2LA Accredited and offer custom, tailored services that simulate the real-life effects caused by a variety of environmental extremes and climatic conditions.

Detailed descriptions of our environmental testing chambers and their simulation capabilities are listed below:

Test Chamber Capabilities

Description Capabilities Range
Temperature & Humidity Reach-In Chambers

-73°C to +190°C
10% to 95% RH
Up to 64 cu. ft.
Temperature & Humidity Walk-In Chambers

-68°C to 85°C
20% to 95% RH
Up to 1330 cu. ft.
Altitude combined with  Temperature & Humidity 0 – 92 K Ft.
-73°C to +190°C
Up to 32 cu. ft.
Vibration combined with Temperature & Humidity -73°C to +190°C
10% to 95% RH
Fast rate of change; 15 °C per minute
Up to 81 cu. ft.
Thermal Shock Hot Chamber: 71°C to 210°C (160°F to 410°F)
Cold: -75°C to 190°C (-103°F to 375°F)
Up to 144 cu. ft. each chamber
Vibration & Shock Force Output: 13,000 lbf-sine, 13,000 lbf-random. Displacement: 2.0 inch pk-pk.
Velocity: 78.0 inches/second
Acceleration: 125 g's Sine, 60 g’s Random
Frequency Range: 5-3000 hz.
HALT & HASS -100° C to 200° C >90°C per minute
1 - 90 GRMS
0 Hz - 10 KHz
Up to 23 cu. ft.
Salt Spray & Salt Fog Ambient to 71°C
Humidity: 95% to 100% during high humidity
Up to 31 cu. ft.