Environmental Testing Industries & Applications

Environmental Testing Industries & Applications

We provide environmental simulation testing services to a diverse group of industries nationwide to improve the reliability of a variety of products. This can include everyday products used in industries such as automotive, electronics, medical, aerospace, defense, and more.

Products utilized in virtually every industry will be exposed to various environmental extremes. Below are the types of environmental simulations tests that may be performed on these products to ensure product reliability and customer satisfaction.

Types of Testing


Each industry has test specifications used for product validation testing along with other commercial test standards. Some common test standards include IEC, Mil Std, ASTM and more. See list of the most utilized test specifications.



We provide testing to the Medical Device industry to meet a variety of ASTM, IEC and other test specifications.


Environmental testing services are used in the Defense industry to validate a variety of products to Mil-Std test specifications.


We provide services to the Aerospace industry to test products in a variety of environmental conditions according to DO-160 and other Mil-Std test specifications.



We have years of experience simulating environmental conditions for the Automotive Industry.



We provide testing services to the Electronics Industry for testing a variety of standards including IEC and JEDEC.

Telcordia Testing


We provide testing services to the Telecommunication industry that meet a variety of Telcordia test specifications including GR-63-NEBS.



Our specific areas of expertise include thermal shock testing of circuit boards and PV modules, HALT & HASS, vibration, salt fog or spray and cyclic corrosion for assembled components and products.


We provide testing services to the pharmaceutical industry for a variety of tests including accelerated aging, stability testing, shelf life testing, expiration date testing and more.