Telcordia Testing Services

Telecommunication Testing Services

Products used in the telecommunications industry need to be tested to a variety of test specifications, including Telcordia Test Requirements, in which the products need to be tested to a variety of conditions the product may be subjected to during its use in the field for storage or during transportation. We have experience in testing products to Telcordia Test Standards and can also custom design a test to your requirements.

Common Products Tested

  • Cell Phones
  • Switch Gears/Boxes
  • Connectors
  • Fiber Optics
  • Line Protector Units
  • Outdoor Networks Interface Devices
  • Switching Racks
  • Network Switching Systems
  • and more…
Telecommunications Testing

Common Testing Methods Used in This Industry

Common Telecommunication Tests

Below are a few of the Telecommunications Industry specifications for which we test. View a complete list of specifications.

Specification Test Types of Products
Bellcore GR1221 Core Temperature, Humidity, Mechanical Shock, Vibration Passive Optical Components
CEI/IEC 60065 Temperature, Humidity, Vibration Electronic/Communications Apparatus
GR-49-CORE Temperature, Humidity Outdoor Telephone Network Interface Devices
GR-63-CORE Temperature, Humidity, Altitude, Thermal Shock Network Equipment-Building System Requirements (NEBS): Physical Protection
GR-326-CORE Temperature, Humidity Single Mode Optical Connectors and Jumper Assemblies (Fiber Optics)
GR-468-CORE Temperature, Humidity, Thermal Shock, Accelerated Aging Optoelectronic Devices Used in Telecommunications Equipment
GR-487-CORE Temperature, Humidity, Thermal Shock Electronic Equipment Cabinets (Enclosures)
GR-974-CORE Temperature, Humidity Telecommunications Line Protector Units (TLPUS)
GR-1209-CORE Temperature, Humidity Fiber Optic Branching Components
GR-1221-CORE Temperature, Humidity, Thermal Shock Passive Optical Components