Environmental Simulation Testing Services


Environmental Simulation Testing Services

In our accredited laboratory, we provide a wide range of environmental testing services including climate testing, altitude, vibration, thermal shock, mechanical shock, corrosion and more. The primary focus of our testing lab is to help our customers provide the absolute best product to their market through identification of potential weaknesses in design, durability, material strength, assembly processes, and other factors that can limit its usable life.

By subjecting products to environmental stresses such as temperature and humidity, or vibration conditions and evaluating how the products perform, we can identify any potential issues that could impair the overall quality.

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What is the purpose of Environmental Testing?

Environmental testing is a method to discover how your products will react to environmental exposure. There are many reasons why companies perform environmental testing on their products. Testing is performed on new products during research and development to determine operating specifications. Each industry also has their own industry test standards that require product validation testing as a pass/fail test for individual products or batches of product. Organizations may also use environmental simulation testing to re-create environmental conditions from product failures found in the field.

Types of Tests

  • Design Verification & Validation
  • Manufacturing Test
  • Production Sample Test
  • Accelerated Stress Testing
  • QA /QC Reliability
  • Failure Analysis
  • Life Testing

Not sure what type of test you need?  We can help you select one!



We offer temperature and humidity capabilities to suit your testing needs. Temperature ranges are available from -73°C to 190°C and humidity capabilities from 10% to 95% RH.


We use thermal shock testing to detect product flaws with rapid temperature change rates from extreme cold to hot environments.


We offer stability testing for ICH Q1A compliance, shelf life testing, pharmaceutical stabillity, medical device testing and more.


Our lightweight shock machine is a pneumatically controlled machine which can conduct mechanical shock testing using half-sine, sawtooth, and square-wave pulse to meet verification and validation protocols.


We offer cyclic corrosion testing services to meet a variety of ASTM, automotive and commercial test specifications.


We utilize HALT/HASS capabilities to push the product past its limit in order to uncover design and/or product weaknesses.


Our test laboratories near Detroit and Cincinnati take pride in the extensive knowledge we have of vibration testing for automotive, defense, aerospace, electronic components and devices, packages, and more.


We offer accelerated aging, shelf life testing, expiration date testing and more.


We offer a variety of package testing services such as temperature, humidity, vibration, drop testing and more according for ISTA, ASTM and other test requirements.



We offer package drop testing to ensure products have adequate protection from shipping hazards, reduce shipment damage claims, save time and money.


We provide altitude testing services simulating pressures from 0 to 100,000ft, including temperature, and humidity options.


We offer salt spray and corrosion testing for a variety of products across multiple industries including automotive, aerospace and more.