Radiator Testing

Several aspects of performance and radiator durability are included in radiator testing. Tests designed for prototype or established designs often incorporate pressure and leak testing, flow rates, and temperature dissipation with various fluid coolant materials.

Radiator testing often includes the introduction of preheated or cooled liquids which are introduced at varying pressures and monitored for effective flow and temperature performance. Radiator tests can also include an external temperature variance which could include temperature cycling from 50°F to 212°F. Depending on the scope of the testing each of these individual test requirements can be performed individually, or simultaneously.

Radiator Testing Services

Our number one priority is to provide our customers with the data they need about their product and its compliance, functionality, and performance under specific conditions. We are experts at working with our customers to meet their specific need.

We are able to perform SAE J1542 testing, but we are also able to leverage our extensive experience with temperature test chambers and custom testing solutions to provide exactly what you need, and when you need it.

Radiator Durability Testing Capabilities

Hot Chamber Temperature Range:150°F to 212°F
Cold Chamber Temperature Range:50°F to 85°F

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