Mechanical Shock Testing Services
Mechanical Shock Testing Services

Mechanical Shock Testing

Shock testing subjects products to extreme force with respect to time. Mechanical shock testing is a sub-category of vibration testing utilizing shock with a very specific purpose of validating the fragility of a product or component. Unlike impact testing, mechanical shock tests are conducted with controlled variables for G-force (gravitational units) and are limited to a single degree of freedom. Mechanical shock testing is commonly used for fragility analysis and utilizes sudden, extreme acceleration or deceleration.
Mechanical shock testing is utlitized in a variety of industries such as automotive, aerospace and defense.  Common requirements for shock testing include, Mil Std 810,  MIL-STD 202 method 213, MIL-STD-810 method 516.6, MIL-STD-750-2 method 2016.2, as well as other industrial testing standards.

Our Mechanical Shock Capabilities

We offer lightweight mechanical shock testing services for products weighing less than 200 lbs. Our lightweight shock machine is a pneumatically controlled machine which can conduct mechanical shock testing using half-sine, sawtooth, and square-wave pulse to meet verification and validation protocols.


Our Lightweight Mechanical Shock Machine Performance and Features

Shock Response Spectra (SRS): half-sine, sawtooth, square-wave pulse
Cycles per min: up to 8
Carriage & Mounting: 16” x 16” table
Maximum Stroke: 17”
Terminal Velocity: 400”/sec (285”/sec @ 150 lbs.)
Programmable Conditions: 10
Drop Cycles: up to 100
Operation Method: Pneumatically Controlled

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