DO-160 Testing Services
DO-160 Testing Services

DO-160 Environmental Test Specifications

DO-160 Testing Services (RTCA)

About DO-160

Originally published in 1975 by the Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics (RTCA), DO-160 outlines a method and standards for environmental testing of avionics hardware. These standards extend to all manner of aircraft from light aviation aircraft, to helicopters, jumbo jets, and supersonic transport.

The RTCA/ DO-160 testing standard is comprised of 26 sections. These sections detail the type of testing required in a controlled laboratory environment. All DO-160 tests are designed to assure the operation and performance of avionics equipment in the conditions which could be encountered during normal operation at altitude.

DO-160 testing is often performed in conjunction with other testing.

We Provide DO-160 Testing Services

We are very well suited to perform DO-160 testing. Unlike other testing standards which call out individual environmental simulation requirements, DO-160 has many environmental testing requirements called out in the one set of standards. Individual sections of this standard include temperature/ altitude, temperature (both high and low), humidity, vibration, impact (shock), sand & dust, salt fog, and more.

As an established and expertly trained provider of environmental testing services, we are well suited to conduct DO-160 testing.

For more information on RTCA, you can visit their website.

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