ISTA Testing Services
ISTA Testing Services

ISTA Packaging Standards

ISTA Testing Services

About ISTA

The International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) is an organization focused on transport packaging. ISTA designs testing protocols and standards to help ensure that adequate packaging is used to protect products throughout the ever-evolving global distribution environment.

ISTA standards concentrate solely on the results to the consumer. This is done by requiring that packages are designed to be survivable, sustainable and successful. ISTA standards center around three key areas:
  • Creating and publishing packaged-product test procedures
  • Certifying packaging laboratories, packaged-products and professionals
  • Providing education, training and support

We Provide ISTA Testing Services

We provide vibration testing, thermal shock testing, drop testing, and temperature and humidity testing to help verify packaging will meet or exceed the standards set forth by ISTA.

ISTA’s major test categories are Shock (impact or drop testing), Vibration, Compression and Atmospheric. Within each of these categories is a breakdown of individual testing standards. As a leading supplier of environmental simulation testing, we are well equipped to perform a wide range of tests which simulate transportation stresses.

Detailed below are test standards published by ISTA to guide this process. We also offer ASTM, MIL-STD and DO-160 testing.

Shock and Vibration Test Standards

ISTA 1 Series - Non-Simulation Integrity Performance Tests
ISTA 2 Series - Partial Simulation Performance Tests
ISTA 3 Series - General Simulation Performance Tests
ISTA 4 Series - Enhanced Simulation Performance Tests
ISTA 5 Series - Focused Simulation Guides
ISTA 6 Series - Member Performance Tests
ISTA 7 Series - Development Tests